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Application of CRISPR Inhibitors in Molecular Medicine

The technology of CRISPR currently shows a great level of application in the pharmaceutical sector. This post focuses on the mechanism of CRISPR inhibition and it's application in the field of molecular medicine.  CRISPR Inhibition CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) are the type of sequences of DNA which are generally found in prokaryotic living organisms. The CRISPR technology acts as an effective method to genetically modify the sequence of DNA which could result in the significant changes in the normal functioning of a gene. 

The Cas9 is a type of enzyme whose major function is to cleave the viral DNA molecules which could harm the bacterial cells. Therefore, they act as an immunological agent in order to protect bacteria from the invasion of the viruses. Naturally, the bacteria catch the snippets of viral DNA which could be used to create CRISPR array that is responsible for making the bacteria remember the virus. However, in the laboratory, in the…