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All You Need to Know About Genetic Diversity

What is Genetic Diversity? Genetic diversity is the difference in the genetic makeup of each individual species, breed or population of a single variety of species. The genetic variation is caused due to the environmental conditions as well as mating patterns. The variation un the genes are responsible for the existence of variance in genetic species and a number of genetic disorders.
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The survival of the fittest conditions in the nature has resulted in evolution which in turn has resulted in genetic diversity by inducing certain traits which would otherwise have not existed in am organism. Genetic diversity is the reason why individuals present in the species shows variations.
Causes of Genetic Diversity Mating is the pairing of two organisms to reproduce new organisms. Mating is generally in between same population, species as well as interspecies in case of certain plants and animals. A migration of small bands of population may result in random mating amongst t…

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Sector

Artificial intelligence is the smart use of machines in order to mimic human activities. Since it is an advancing field and has shown a tremendous amount of benefits, its development for improving the technology used for the healthcare sector has shown a great level of interest by the researchers.

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As this technology is gaining a lot of significance, its applications are increasing tremendously. However, as for today, the two major applications of AI in the healthcare sector include:
1. Data related application It is not a hidden fact that the data generated by the healthcare industry is huge. The future of healthcare industries holds more amount of data being generated. Managing these databases by using the current IT systems are becoming more challenging day-by-day. Thus, artificial technology which is one of the most advanced technology could find a great application in data management.

The techniques of artificial intelligence could also be used to track down …