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Microbial Sterilization

Microbial Sterilization is the process of removal or deactivation of microorganisms by using a variety of methodologies. The type of methods used in sterilization is broadly classified based on their mechanism of action into physical sterilization, chemical sterilization as well as radiation sterilization.

No matter which technique of sterilization is used, the outcome should prove to be deleterious for the target microbes in order to provide a pure condition. However, when exposed to a particular sterilization method, microorganisms do not get killed immediately. The sterilization treatment causes a constant decline in the population of microbes at certain intervals if time. In this post, we will study how effective each of these methodologies is as well as their applications.
1. Physical methods It utilizes the principle of subjecting microbes under extreme conditions of temperature as well as radiation in order to cause their lysis or deactivation.
Heat treatment Microbes tend to …