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Types of Soil Bioremediation

The bioremediation process of treating wastes by using living organisms which include various microbes but most commonly bacteria which includes Pseudomonas putida, nitrifying as well as denitrifying bacteria, etc. The target waste can consist of organic as well as inorganic matter. The oil spills, volatile organic compounds, etc can be remediated by using suitable microorganisms. Bioremediation can be used to treat contaminated soil, wastewater as well as polluted air.
Types of bioremediation The knowledge about the types of bioremediation is quite essential to be known. If bioremediation is performed in a soil media then it is called soil bioremediation which is the most common one whereas when it is carried out in an air or water media then it is called air or water bioremediation.

The types of soil bioremediation are classified based on the soil environment in which microbes perform the process of remediation, the following are the types:

1. In situ bioremediation In situ bioreme…

Bioremediation - Using Microorganisms to Treat Wastes

The term remediation itself is derived from the word remedy. A remedy to the problem of wastes. Bioremediation is the process of treating wastes from biological entities like microbes. The most commonly used microorganism in the process of bioremediation is bacteria. The microbes degrade a waste matter into a more simpler or non toxic form by various metabolic processes which involves a number of enzymes. The microorganisms may have the potential to remove the target waste partially, completely or into a form that is readily perishable. Bioremediation of soil as well as air can be performed. However, remediation of soil is more common than air.

The management of waste with effective techniques has always been a subject of concern for humans. Since decades man have been using the methods such as composting, landfills, etc in order to treat various types of wastes. The process of creating a landfill includes concealing the waste under a land mass in which the wastes that are readily bi…