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5 Facts About GMO Food Products

Genetic engineering has always been surrounded with a lot of controversies as well as misconceptions regarding its methods as well as the products generated due to its development. The organisms that arise due to the process of genetic engineering are called GMOs. There are a lot of questions arising among the general public related to the GMO products. What to prefer a GMO or a non GMO product? Are they safe to use? There are certain set of beliefs regarding GMO products out of which some are total misconceptions whereas some are true to some extent. The following are the facts of GMO foods:

1. Food crops do not lose nutrients after genetic engineering  Nutrients are one of the most significant factor that decides the quality of a particular crop. The nutrients play a vital role in the human body whose deficiency in one's diet can cause various health related problems. The main purpose of food in human body is to supply nutrients and therefore it is one of the main aspects of a f…

What After a Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a comparatively recent course and thus many people including the ones who already have a bachelor's degree in biotechnology tend to have a confusion as to what all career options can they pursue after biotechnology.
The study in the field of biotechnology provides various scopes in the field of pharmaceuticals, food as well as agricultural sector. However, every sector generally prefers someone who has a master's degree rather than a bachelor's degree. However if you do not wish to continue pursuing a master's degree in biotechnology and want to pursue a career in something divergent then you still have a lot of options available which are as follows:
1. Masters in Business Administration (MBA)  An MBA has always proved to be one of the best career choice in the field of commerce. The demand for MBA is increasing day by day. No matter what one does MBA is always proves to be a good option.

A master's degree in courses related to business administr…

Biotechnology: A Boon or a Bane

The techniques used to utilize living organisms for the benefit of humans forms the basis of biotechnology. One of the most important question that comes to one's mind while they come to know about biotechnology is that whether it is actually beneficial for us or is it just something which has short term benefits with long term ill effects?

The techniques of biotechnology are as old as 6000 years when the ancient people used fermentation to produce food products. The modern biotechnology is quite a new field with having it's roots around 1971 and therefore it is quite essential to know the pros and cons of it.

Biotechnology: A boon The usefulness of microbes has proved to be a boon in pharmaceutical, agricultural and food processing industries.

Biotechnology has not only helped to modify the agricultural crops for increasing their nutritional aspects but has also increased their yields. Thus, biotechnology has proved to be a boon for the farmers. Genetically modified insectic…

What is Genetic Engineering?

Biotechnology is basically the advancement in the field of biology more like the next generation of classical biology. One of the most interesting subject of biotechnology is genetic engineering which helps one to obtain a desired product by manipulating certain living organisms. Thus by genetically modifying an organism, one can control its trait to obtain a characteristic  that is aspired.

Genetic engineering has a major role in the field of biotechnology. It is the technique in which genes responsible for a particular trait is inserted into a vector. The vector is then inserted into the target host organism and is allowed to multiply. Thus, creating a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

So basically genetic engineering is the manipulation of the genome of an organism.

The following component terms are required to be understood in order to know what genetic engineering is:

Desired gene A gene is a fragment of DNA that is responsible for expression of particular charecteristics. A …

6 Reasons to Study Biotechnology

Biotechnology has been a subject of discussion in the past few decades due to its uniqueness as well as its significance. Many people tend to like it as a subject because it has a lot interesting as well as exciting stuffs. The following are the list of reasons why studying biotechnology is cooler than you think it is

1. Research trends From modifying a crop to increase its nutrient value to using a fish as an indicator of pollution. Biotechnology has always been a subject of great interest for a lots of biology lovers as well as general population. As the field of biotechnology is growing, the research trends are just getting cooler. Research trends in biotechnology are just one of the very interesting topics one can discuss for hours.

2. Chemical reactions The chemical reactions used in the assays to analyse biomolecules gives out wonderful colours. The feeling you get when you generate colours by adding the colouring reagents is just amazing. The reactions while studying biotechno…