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5 Scopes of Biotechnologists

The advancements in the field of biotechnology has increased it's scope tremendously. The most common question which comes to our mind is that what are the fields in which someone who has done biotechnology can work viz. applications of biotechnology in daily lives.

Here are some of the fields in which biotechnologists can find their way to success.
1. Pharmaceutical industry The biotechnologists have a great knowledge about the maintenance and operation of various API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) plants. The API plant is basically process of growing microbes in order to produce certain antibiotics like penicillin. Thus, they have a great scope in pharmaceutical industries. A biotechnologist also has a lot of knowledge about the downstream processing of a particular API. 2. Agricultural sector Genetically modified (GM) crops are gaining its significance in agricultural sector. The modification of a crop is done in order to improve the nutritional aspect as well as the yield…

Introduction to the Blog

What is Biotechnology? The word  'Biotechnology' in itself is self explanatory meaning bio=living organism and technology. So basically anything which uses living organisms to produce utilities comes under the category of biotechnology.

A majority of people are not quite familiar with biotechnology and think that it is a relatively new field that deals with the genes of the microbes. Contrararily, the use of microbes for fermentation is an ancient method of biotechnology. However, as times has passed by the methods used for fermentation has evolved. Today, the food industries use advanced bioreactor with controlled conditions to carry out fermentation.

The modern biotechnology is the advanced technology developed by manipulating living organisms at the genetic level for including a desired trait.

It is the disciple of science that finds the application of biological organism for many industrial as well as agricultural purposes.
Reason behind creating this blog The love for wr…